Darley Dale Town Council

Serving the people of Darley Dale

Acting Town Clerk: Ian Adkin
The Lady Whitworth Room, The
Whitworth Centre, Station
Road, Darley Dale, Matlock
Derbyshire DE4 2EQ

Tel: 01629 735 248

The Town Council is actively involved in running the Whitworth Centre as they are the sole member of the Whitworth Centre which means that ultimate control vests with DDTC.

The Whitworth Centre is run by a Board of Trustees consisting of Councillors and members of the public who each bring key skills to the management of the Centre.

The full Board as at June 2019 consists of 5 Councillors and 5 lay members. The Chair is always a Councillor and the Vice Chair a lay person.


Cllr Alan Long


Cllr Myers

Cllr Curtis

Cllr Ward

Cllr Welch

In addition there are 5 lay members each possessing key business skills to help safeguard the Centre for the future.