Planning Applications and the Planning Advisory Committee

It can be a challenge trying to protect our town and the surrounding countryside from over development while making sure that we have enough houses and space for our growing population.

In September 2020 the Council set up a new monthly Planning Advisory Committee to consider consultation requests on local planning applications and make recommendations to the full Council. The Committee meets on the third Monday of each calendar month and while Darley Dale Town Council don't decide directly on applications (that is the job of Derbyshire Dales District Council Planning Committee) their recommendations can be an important factor when the final decision is taken.

The Planning Committee put a lot of store by residents' views so whether you're concerned or enthusiastic about any planned developments then the Planning Committee members want to hear from you. You can attend the meeting by video to present your views in person or you can email your thoughts in to and we'll make sure that they're presented on your behalf. Once any recommendations are endorsed by the full Council a few days later we'll drop you an email back to let you know the outcome.

We're here to help so why not get involved in helping to shape your town and community!

Residents who wish to attend a Planning Advisory Meeting are advised to telephone or email to on or before the day of the meeting.