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Announcing the launch of Darley Dale Town Council Community Awards 2019

Thank you to the Peak Advertiser and all our Award sponsors for your support.

We all know Darley Dale is a great place to live. We also know that our community has many special people. Did you know that the Whitworth Centre alone has some 50 clubs and charities that use the Centre regularly? Helping Darley Dale people learn new things, meet other people, become more active or simply enjoy the beautiful building and Centre.

Those people who have given up their personal time, to help make the lives of others better, are special people We all know someone like this but equally we know that these people often don't get the recognition they should.

The new Darley Dale Town Council Awards, have been created for two reasons. To thank those people who are already making a difference to others and secondly, to encourage more people to get involved.

The Awards for 2019 were presented at an award ceremony on the 26th October 2019 by Lord and Lady Manners and Mary Myers, Mayor of Darley Dale.

The Award Category Winners:

All photos were taken by Scott Cobb of Scott Cobb Photography


Health and Social Care Hero of the Year Sponsored by Darley Deli:
Nell Matthews found school tough at times and left without the grades that she wanted but she did is not let this hold her back. She got a job with Darley Hall Care Home and has gained confidence in becoming the new professional that she is, having just been awarded employee of the month. Working in a care home requires a special type of person. Nell is certainly one of these

Volunteer of the Year Sponsored by Peak UK:
David Thompson, who is well known for helping out on everything around the area, from Darley Dale in Bloom to helping with Christmas lights and being Santa. He also helps out with weeding around the War memorial, the Whitworth park generally and raises lots of money to local charities.

Young Person of the Year Sponsored by Ashton and Coleman:
Ava Wood was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was just three. Ava, now five, has at least four injections per day plus blood tests. Through this she still manages to not only keep smiling and never complaining herself, but also to put a smile on the face of every other person she meets, whether in school with her friends, or her family, for whom she is a superhero. Even as a young person, she has managed to help other people around her understand the condition better and the complexities of things like carb counting. She is an example to all us whether we are five years old or fifty years old!

Community Business of the Year Sponsored by Audley, St Elphins:
The Shalimar does much to support local sports teams, individuals and charities in our area, always with friendly, helpful staff. Impressively they accumulated more nominations for an award than anybody in any category, which says a lot about their business in our local area.

Teacher of the Year Sponsored by Turners Art:
Mrs Orridge is a teaching assistant at Darley Dale Primary School. Mrs Orridge is the person that everyone looks to when they are attending school for the first time and struggling perhaps to find their way. She is the first to offer a cuddle and a smile. One nomination came from the parents of a young girl, who needed that reassurance that Mrs Orridge provides. Amongst other things, at the Christmas play, this young shy girl, was asked to play a sheep but being in front of people made her stressed and she started to cry. Step forward Mrs Orridge, who sat the young girl down on her lap for reassurance and made it a memorable and enjoyable evening for her.

Helping Hand Award Sponsored by Daisy Chain:
The Open Door Group at St Helens Church. The group was set up to give support to local families who find it difficult or impossible to attend church due to a disability or special needs. Volunteers are dedicated, kind and caring, offering support to those who really value their help. As one person wrote "My 15 year old son has severe learning disabilities. He loves to come for the music and the book corner. This is a great thing for a modern church to offer".

Community Project of the Year sponsored by Peak Rail:
Solemates,was set up to help people get into running and fitness at no cost to them. Not everyone can afford expensive gym memberships and Solemates helps people improve their health and fitness and as importantly to make friends. Everyone's achievements are celebrated and frankly without Solemates, many people would have had neither the money or the confidence to take part in fitness activities. One person wrote a nomination, thanking Solemates for the support given while she was receiving chemo treatment for breast cancer, who continued to drive her and walk and run with her even completing the Bakewell park run.